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Your choice of paper reflects the choices you make in business. Are you the kind of person that goes the extra mile to ensure quality? If so, then our ultra-thick luxury business cards are perfect for you.  Whether you're printing for your own business or on behalf of a client, our luxury range of business cards really project quality, style and professionalism.  

While most standard business cards are around 350gsm, we offer luxury business cards in a range of weights from 540gsm double thick, 810gsm triple thick, which are the most popular, to a stunning 1190gsm quadruple thick. For triple and quadruple thick choose a core insert in the colour of your choice from 12 different coloured core inserts available. The core colour is visible around the edge of your printed card to really make you stand out from the crowd.

Our luxury thick premium business cards are all printed on a premium uncoated board and you can choose matt or gloss lamination. We always laminate our luxury business cards to avoid set off and enhance the quality. We recommend matt lamination. The cards can be printed portrait or landscape and on both sides if required.

Our 1190gsm quadruple thick business cards are the thickest business cards you’ll find online – you really have to feel the thickness to believe it.

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Flat Size
Cards can be printed portrait or landscape and one side or both sides. Tip: 85 x 55mm is the standard size for business cards in the UK. 

- 85 x 55mm  
- 90 x 50mm
- 90 x 55mm

Paper Type  
Take a look at our premium triple thick (810gsm – 865gsm) and quadruple thick (1080gsm – 1190gsm) uncoated premium business cards with a customisable visible partial coloured edge. These cards are ultra-thick and have to be held to truly appreciate the quality.        

- Double Thick Uncoated  
- Triple Thick Uncoated  
- Quadruple Thick Uncoated                      

Paper Weights  
- 540gsm
- 810gsm
- 865gsm
- 1080gsm
- 1190gsm 

Matt or Gloss Lamination
Matt lamination gives a soft, contemporary effect. Gloss lamination gives a higher quality shine finish than gloss card. Lamination is most useful with solid colours or images to enhance their vibrancy or where you want to protect your printed luxury business cards. 

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