Print designer pet peeves!

Print Designer

Print designers, we feel your pain. Unlike the vast majority of digital professions, when working with printed pages, a series of blunders can become apparent. And they frequently do — much to the dismay of people like us. In this post — dedicated to all the mouses and keyboards broken in fits of rage — Trade Digital Print highlights the top print designer pet peeves. Read Full Article

Tasty menu printing tips to satisfy client appetites

Menu Printing
The importance of menu printing cannot be understated. Not only do printed menus introduce diners to the food and drink available, they serve as an extension of your client’s business and therefore require careful thought and attention. In this post, Trade Digital Print provides tasty menu printing tips to help you create amazing printed menus for your clients. Read Full Article

Supply your clients with high-quality letterhead printing

Letterhead Printing

They say don’t judge a book by its cover, but that’s just not true in business. Every piece of correspondence is an extension of your client’s brand. Therefore, they should be designed in such a way that gives an accurate representation of their core business values. Even in this digital age, high-quality letterhead printing has never been so vital. In this post, Trade Digital Print highlight just how important letterheads really are, providing useful guidelines to help with the design process. Read Full Article

The best corporate gifts to recommend to your clients

corporate gifts In business as in all walks of life, everybody loves getting something for nothing. If you own or run a business giving corporate gifts is a great way to raise your profile, grow your brand and strengthen client relationships. If you resell print you can offer your customers a great range of printed corporate gifts to help their business as well as your sales. Read Full Article

Why your clients need printed brochures

Printed Brochures

As designer or print reseller you may well have clients who do some or all of their business online. However, even businesses that depend on their websites or e-shops for sales will really benefit from professionally designed printed brochures. There are plenty of reasons why your clients still need printed brochures and there are plenty of ways to convince them it’s time to get their new brochures designed, printed and out into the marketplace.

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Planning your 2019 marketing

Businessman and businesswoman sitting at table in front of laptop and working. Graphs,charts and diagrams on PC screen.It may only be January but businesses are already looking forward to the rest of 2019. In the marketing and print industries, it’s essential to plan out the year ahead. When are the peak times? Were there periods last year when things were a little slower? If there were, what will you do about that this year? If you’re in the business of reselling print you can help your clients identify when they’ll need to give their business a push. Help plan their marketing and you’ll help grow your profits. Read Full Article

It’s not too late to get cracking Christmas print!

Christmas printingIf you’re a print reseller, designer, marketer or advertiser you’ll probably have had a busy few weeks. Often clients leave Christmas marketing to the very last minute and that means you have to work to even tighter deadlines. Fortunately, if you’re a customer of that’s not a problem. With a range of delivery options including next day express, there’s still time supply your clients with a great range of high quality printed products that will really help with their Christmas marketing. Read Full Article

Yet more Awards and Recognition for

DP NS Winner Blog Graphics2At, thankfully, we are no strangers to winning industry awards but last week was something a little bit special. As we continue to enjoy exponential growth, we are delighted to announce that we have won a further 2 UK wide industry awards which further cements our reputation as one of the fastest growing printing websites in the UK. Read Full Article